Water Jet & Plasma Cutting

The capabilities of water jet cutting and plasma cutting in welding manufacturing are nothing short of amazing. Boston Welding & Design, Inc.TM can cut stainless steel, aluminum, and ferrous and non-ferrous metal to any shape or size utilizing this magnificently precise technology.

Water jet cutting can be precise to .005 of an inch which is half the thickness of a human hair. Plasma cutting is used when the tolerances are not so exacting and economy is a factor.

Water jet cutting is particularly helpful when the thickness of the aluminum or stainless steel may cause the material to warp under the intense heat required to cut it by more conventional means. Plasma cutting, while not as surgically precise as water jet cutting, still delivers very clean edges and is very flexible as far as creating various shapes and sizes are concerned.

Boston Welding & Design, Inc.TM is the best choice you can make when your need is for absolute precision in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum welding fabrication and cutting. Call us today at 781-932-0035 and put us to work for you.