Welcome to Boston Welding & Design, Inc.TM

Boston Welding and Design, Inc. is one of the premier welding manufacturers in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts and New England Area. We have over 12,000 square feet of welding manufacturing capability, the most modern and up to date equipment available, and a highly trained staff that boasts a combined precision welding and metal fabrication experience of over 85 years. It is no wonder that we have become the welders of choice for some of the largest educational institutions, architects, engineers, power companies and municipalities throughout the New England area.

Whether you need to create an aluminum prototype for testing purposes or require steel girders to reinforce a building’s framework, Boston Welding and Design, Inc. enjoys a well earned reputation for precision work, on time delivery, and a legendary work ethic that distinguishes us from all of our competitors.

The extensive welding process certifications we have received, the fact that we have earned the very difficult to achieve ISN Safety Certification and the strict quality control standards we have set for ourselves, keep our customers coming back because they know that their project will be delivered on time and built according to the most precise and exact specifications.

There is no job too small or too large for the extensive diversification and talent available at Boston Welding and Design, Inc. Call us today at 781-932-0035 and put us to work for you.